The NEGS Cyclopedia is possible of several railfans and NEGS insiders. The site would not be possible without their help in providing information, photos, and other NEGS materials. Thank you!
Please email me for more information

  • Robert S. Waller
    Bob is the creator of the Conrail Cyclopedia, the base format that this site uses for content. Bob has created a great site for fans of Conrail, and is widely recognized amongst the railfan/railroad community as the number 1 Conrail site.

  • Jesse Mazzie
    Jesse has contributed some nice roster shots of the locomotives

  • Bernard J. Kennedy IV  
    Bernie has provided some great shots from around the Concord Yard.

  • John Marcel  
    John has contributed many photos from the Concord area.

  • Mark Beebe
    Mark has greatfully contributed photos of 503 working the Concord yard in the late 1990's.

  • Jon Miner
    Jon contributed photos of his motorcar, TC42, working in NEGS service. TC-42 can be seen on almost every NEGS work train on the White Mountain Branch.

  • Bruce Davison  
    Bruce is a former conductor for New England Southern and has graciously shared his photos and expericnces with me so that all can enjoy them through the NEGSCyc.

  • Rome Romano  
    Rome graciously provided some background info on the little known S4 #303.

  • Bob Dawes  
    Bob contributed the photos of 44 Toner #2, and MEC unit 581 in servce on NEGS, two of the hardest to find photos of currently! Thanks Bob!.

  • Joe Bissoneault  
    Joe contribued some shots of NEGS 302 and several photos of NEGS working the once busy area around Laconia.